Core Rules Update

I've just updated the core playset rules to v0.02. Slow going with our first 4-month old baby!

The main changes in this update are an overhaul of the textual layout. Almost every page is in a single column width for better theme and readability. This has upped the page count, FYI. I cleaned up the text styles for better spacing as well.

I've also added more comprehensive "chapter" openings with conversion tables in case you need a reminder of changes from AGON without searching a paragraph of text! These currently contain placeholder headers at the top which I plan to update with actual illustrations. I added a Table of Contents to link to each chapter. (I'm likely going to include PDF bookmarks/chapter functionality in a future release).

I've made a variety of textual and rule changes. Here are the biggest:

  • I've added some small rules and outgoing questions for players "Meeting their End" (a  replacement for "A Hero's End".)
  • I've refined the text in the game cycles section and added some additional thematic question prompts to the Fellowship phase. Additionally I've added an end-of-campaign guide called "The Heart of the Sea".
  • Small change to the Dice of the Damned wager that doesn't require other players to engage.
  • I've clarified the descriptions of Omens and Bearings in the Peril player section. 

More to come! I next plan to work on a "Book of Lore" that interested players can peruse for prompts, suggestions, and rich flavor to bring to their campaigns. I also plan to find some consultation on addressing the nasty colonial pitfalls that come with classic nautical fiction.


Starbones Rules v0.2.pdf 5 MB
Feb 08, 2021

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